Oppo Find N2 in for review

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The Oppo Find N2 is official and we’re excited to welcome it to our office.

Before we get to all the ways Oppo has improved the second-generation foldable, let’s get the unboxing out of the way. The Oppo Find N2 comes well-stocked – better than its predecessor.

There is a 67W charger, a USB cable, a cleaning cloth and a case made of two parts.

Oppo Find N2 for review

Compared to its predecessor, the Oppo Find N2 is slightly narrower – 72.6mm vs 73mm, slightly thinner – 14.6mm/7.4mm vs 15.9mm/8.0mm and lighter – 233g vs 275g.

The weight is the most impressive improvement, and that’s down to the new hinge. It has fewer parts – 100, down from 138 – and it uses more advanced materials.

Both screens look the same, but have adjusted aspect ratios that make them more square than before. The cover screen is still 5.54 inches, but now supports 120Hz refresh rate, while the inner screen has a 7.1 inch diagonal with the same high refresh rate.

While the Oppo Find N was rounded and glossy, the Find N2 has a flatter frame that is matte. It provides better handling and looks better too.

Oppo Find N1 on the left, N2 on the right
Oppo Find N1 on the left, N2 on the right

Oppo Find N1 on the left, N2 on the right

Like its predecessor, the Oppo Find N2 offers a triple camera as well as two selfie cameras. The main module was upgraded to a Sony IMX890, a 50MP 1/1.56” sensor, which sits behind an f/1.8 24mm lens with OIS. This replaces the equally sized IMX766.

The ultra-wide camera got an even bigger upgrade with the 48MP IMX581, a 1/2” sensor, behind an f/2.2 14mm lens. As a reminder, the original N had a 16MP 1/3.09” sensor. Then there’s the telephoto camera, which switched to the 32MP IMX709 sensor (1/2.74”, up from 13MP 1/3.4”).

Apparently there wasn’t enough time to get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 into the Find N2, so instead it got a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It’s still a very capable chip, so don’t worry about performance.

Oppo Find N2 for review

The Oppo Find N2 lacks a feature that its predecessor had – wireless charging. It’s a bit of a bummer, but not as much as the lack of availability outside of China. We hope that Oppo will bring the Find N2 to the global market along with the Find N2 Flip…

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