An important hidden menu in Samsung phones that you can only open with a secret code. Get to know it!

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A large number of people own Samsung phones, and they are aware of most of its settings and menus. It teaches a lot how to change the wallpaper, adjust notification permissions, mute alerts, connect to an external monitor, and much more. But there is one list that you are probably not aware of, because Samsung She hides it and it’s the diagnostic list.

Diagnostic menu in Samsung phones

Samsung phones
Samsung phones

The Diagnostics menu has a very basic interface and was designed for technicians servicing Galaxy phones. And that doesn’t mean you won’t find this list handy, because it contains tools to determine if a component in your phone is having issues, including the screen, S-Pen, speaker, camera, vibration motor, and more. This is not the only secret menu present on these devices as there is also, the tap method used to open a secret menu which is for developers only. Anyone who owns a supported Galaxy phone can open this secret menu whenever they want, and it’s as simple as dialing a phone number.

How to open the list of hidden Samsung phones

The Diagnostics menu is available on Samsung Galaxy phones that feature the company’s One UI, although some users may not be able to access it due to carrier blocking. Note that the same code (or a slight variation of it) may work on some older Galaxy phones running TouchWiz. This process was tested with an unlocked Galaxy Note 10+ and the diagnostic menu appeared without issue. The number of steps you’ll do may vary, but it’s worth a try if you think the phone might be broken.

Samsung phones
Samsung phones

Diagnostics menu is accessed by typing a specific code using the phone app. This process is done in the same way as dialing a phone number, although you won’t have to press the “call” button because the diagnostic menu will automatically appear when you enter the last code. To pull up the secret menu, follow these steps using the latest Samsung Galaxy phone:

  1. Turn on your phone and sign in with a password, PIN, or fingerprint if applicable.
  2. Click on the “Phone” icon to open the application.
  3. Tap on the ‘Keyboard’ tab to pull up the dialer.
  4. Type the following code: *#0*#

The diagnostic menu will appear automatically when this code is entered. You’ll see a light gray screen filled with white square buttons, each dedicated to tests for specific components. Clicking the button will pull up the relevant test, making it possible to evaluate your phone’s hardware and determine if a component is no longer working properly.

How to close the hidden menu on Samsung phones

Samsung phones

When you open the Galaxy secret menu, you probably noticed that there is no obvious way to get out of it. But fear not, as the process is quite simple, though you might have to try a couple of different methods depending on the phone model. There are two ways to exit the secret menu on the Galaxy Note 10+: swipe back twice or press the power button until Bixby appears, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

If your Galaxy device has a dedicated home button, you may be able to exit the diagnostic menu by clicking on it or, by holding the power button and then clicking on the home button. However, in most cases, simply hitting the back button or swiping back twice should be all it takes to close the secret menu…

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