Samsung’s new ad tells iPhone users that “the Galaxy awaits you”

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Samsung believes there are many people out there who are “sitting on the fence between Apple and Samsung”. So it made a new ad trying to lure them over to its site. An ad featuring a literal guy sitting on a literal fence because it’s literally the most literal joke anyone could ever come up with.

So to the folks on the fence, whether it’s literal or not, Samsung says, “The Galaxy is waiting for you.” It’s time to get off the fence, and once you’ve bought Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4, you’ll apparently get plenty of attention from Apple device owners interested in your new gadget.


Someone should probably tell Samsung that no ‘normal’ user has ever said the words “Galaxy Z Flip4” in that order, to anyone, ever. And especially not their friends. People just don’t talk like that. But the fact that it’s so obvious just makes the whole naming scheme seem even funnier than usual. Anyway, the point is that some Samsung devices, like the Flip4, fold. And no Apple handset has ever done that.

Now, if you’re intrigued by the Galaxy Z Flip4, make sure you don’t miss our in-depth review of the smaller of the Korean company’s two latest foldables. Want to go bigger? We have also reviewed the Galaxy Z Fold4…

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