Samsung uses LG batteries for this category of its distinguished phones

alex mathos7 June 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
Samsung uses LG batteries for this category of its distinguished phones

The latest report issued by “TheElec” revealed that LG will manufacture batteries for Samsung Galaxy A and M series phones.

LG makes batteries for this category of Samsung phones

This comes despite LG’s official exit from the phone market, but it seems that it still has operations related to phones in general. And apparently, the batteries of the Korean company Samsung, specifically the A and M series phones, will be shipped.

Notably, this isn’t the first time the brand has used components from its former rival in South Korea, with the high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series models also featuring LG-made batteries.

Now, it appears that LG is planning to increase its collaboration with Samsung by also making batteries for its affordable smartphone lineups.

According to the report, the new batteries will be produced at LG Energy Solution’s Nanjing plant and transported to the local ITM Semiconductor plant in Vietnam. After that, the batteries will be packaged and delivered to Samsung’s smartphone factory.

The report also added that an industry official mentioned that ITM Semiconductor from likely To provide its services at a high price. In other words, Samsung did not intentionally look for LG Energy Solution to supply batteries for future Galaxy A and Galaxy M series smartphones.

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