Samsung mocks Apple again with the Galaxy Z Flip 4

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The phone market is very competitive and it is very common for companies to throw blows at each other, and with Huawei dropping out of the race recently, Apple and Samsung have become the owners of control, and today Samsung is mocking Apple again with a video clip, in which we get to know the details.

Samsung makes fun of Apple

Samsung makes fun of Apple

While both companies have their own fan bases, they always want more. A video clip released by Samsung under the title “On the Fence” was a new mockery of Apple via the Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone.

Aim to video clip To encourage iPhone users to switch to Samsung devices, it focuses on unique Samsung features that Apple does not have in iPhones.

In the video clip, a young man sits against a wall and talks to a woman holding a Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone, and the girl says: “I used to be like you, frequenting Apple and Samsung.”

As for the young man, he regrets his condition because he wants to switch to Samsung, but he is worried that other iPhone users may look at him with contempt, but the girl told him that he should switch to Samsung, and his friends will envy him.

And the girl said: “When you use the Galaxy Z Flip 4, your friends will not leave you.” Then she gave the phone to him and said how wonderful it is…

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