iOS 16 features – iOS 16 is officially the most powerful update from Apple. But does it imitate Android?

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Tamsin Rodriguez7 June 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
iOS 16 features – iOS 16 is officially the most powerful update from Apple. But does it imitate Android?

A digital team attended Apple’s annual developer conference this year… where Apple announced its new software… Let’s talk about the company’s most important system, the iPhone operating system with its new release, iOS 16.

Features of iOS 16

I started Camel Talking about the new version, iOS 16, through an important update to the lock screen… Many customization capabilities have been added… It is now possible to change the shape and color of the content on the lock screen, and apply filters to the background image. Widgets can also be added for easier access. Multiple lock screens can also be configured and switched between them by swiping across the screen. The AI ​​will also suggest photo adjustments to improve the appearance of the background and avoid blocking content such as covering the clock. The lock screen wallpaper can also be dynamically customized to match the weather. Now the notifications are showing at the bottom so they don’t cover the lock screen image.

Apple also added a special look for music and event notifications and called it Live Activities.

A lock screen can now be customized for each specific usage mode via the Focus feature, such as work, home, sleep, and others, and the system will link the appropriate apps and widgets according to usage.

Then Apple moved on to the Messages app, which became more flexible. Now messages can be modified or unsent… A message or group of messages can also be selected and considered read or vice versa.

Apple has also made significant improvements to the Live Text service, which extracts text from images. Now it supports text recognition in videos and also recognizes objects and converts them into emojis or stickers directly.

Apple Wallet has been updated after the company cooperated with more companies and stores to support the feature… Apple added the Apple Pay Later service, where you can now pay in installments in four payments in all services that support Apple Pay at no additional cost.

Then Apple talked about the development of the Apple Maps application, which has become supported by more countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia … and it shows more details in cities.

Apple has also added a new app for sports fans called My Sports, through which you can follow your favorite teams with scores and news … and a quick access tool can be added to the application.

In order to give parents better control over their children, Apple has added improvements to the Parental Control and Restrictions features, which are easier to create and control.

There is also the Shared Photo Library feature, through which you can share photos with a group of people easily at the same time, and allows you to edit or delete photos simultaneously among everyone… This feature is suitable for family and friends during or after events and gatherings.

Then Apple revealed an update to the Home app that carried a new design and supported a larger group of companies and products.

Finally, Apple adopted a new design for the Car Play app… and it allows viewing the map on the front panel of the car… It also supports more customization features… Apple revealed car companies that support the new CarPlay features, including Mercedes, Audi and Hyundai…

These were the most prominent features of Apple’s new iOS 16 system… The update will be available this fall for iPhone 8 and later versions…

iPhone owners, are you excited about the update? Write to us in the comments…

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