iOS 16 brings two great features that the Xiaomi interface has had for years!

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Tamsin Rodriguez8 June 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
iOS 16 brings two great features that the Xiaomi interface has had for years!

Apple did the WWDC conference recently and included some important news about iOS 16, and while it made it more customizable, it has some features that MIUI already had for a long time.

Today, we are going to show you this Features that’s been owned by MIUI for years, and we’ll try to include most of them considering that iOS 16 hasn’t been released to the public yet, and all we’ll write is from the WWDC event.

iOS 16 Features

Enhanced Focus Mode

This feature was already present in older iOS versions before naturally, but with iOS 16 it appears it’s being reworked with some deeper in-app integrations.

MIUI has a similar feature called Focus Mode, it doesn’t do exactly what iOS 16 does in this case, it’s kind of like putting your phone away, but it was in MIUI.

iOS 16

This feature instead silences the phone completely so you can work efficiently without being distracted. While it’s in MIUI, it’s in some deeper settings categories and not directly in the Control Center like in iOS, so users get a little confusing and hard to find, it’s under the Screen Time section and appears when you scroll to the right page.

Lock screen customization

Apple announced at its WWDC conference that it has added improvements to lock screen customization on iOS 16 with many new features. But MIUI has had this feature for years thanks to its themes.

iOS 16 brings two great features that the Xiaomi interface has had for years!

There have been many reports previously on how to install cool third-party themes on MIUI with and without root, so you can just use them to easily customize your own lock screen on MIUI.

As you can see in the above images, MIUI has already had lock screen customizations for a long time, now you just need to use a theme to get a custom lock screen by theme.

These were all the new iOS 16 features that Apple announced at WWDC and that MIUI has had for years. We will be showing all the details coming in the future when we find new features in iOS 16 that were already in MIUI, so follow us to get you all new..

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