Rotatable Samsung phones.. The company’s first phone was spotted in the latest high-resolution images

alex mathos9 June 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
Rotatable Samsung phones.. The company’s first phone was spotted in the latest high-resolution images

According to market research consultant DSCC, the Korean company Samsung dominated the foldable phone market by 571 percent in the first quarter of this year 2022. Major OEMs of foldable devices sold 2.22 million units in the January-March quarter.

It was also the third best quarter for foldable smartphones, however, with shipments still down 47 percent on-quarter from a record high of 4.2 million units sold in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The question now is, after dominating the foldable smartphone scene, what is Samsung’s next step? Over the years, there have been many indications that phones with foldable or sliding screens might be next. Samsung also showcased some display technologies related to these phones.

Rotatable phones are the next interface for Samsung

The concept of rollable phones is based on Samsung’s patent application filed by the company in 2020. The patent was eventually published in May 2022. Samsung already owns dozens of similar patents.

The concept highlights how the rotatable screen will be able to expand itself to basically cover the entire back end, maximizing screen space.


It is worth noting that Samsung files thousands of patents every year. They don’t necessarily end up being released as commercial products. So it’s entirely possible that we won’t see a device like this from Samsung.

However, phones with rollable and sliding screens seem to be the next front after folding. Samsung Display has been actively working on this technology for many years. In the long run, Samsung may surprise us. With the success it has had with foldable devices, it will be a challenge to replicate it with a new concept Enjoying Its engineers at Samsung.

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