Do you know the phones of the players legends of world football? Here are the phones of your stars after the 2023 World Cup

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A while ago the World Cup ended, and we saw many great and famous football stars shining and spreading football fun on the field, and in our technical field we will talk about the players’ phones, who by their nature love lights and seek to acquire the latest technology, let’s get to know the players’ phones the most famous football stars in the world..

What are the types of star players phones?

We start with the Brazilian national team of samba dancers, and with its first star, Neymar. Neymar posted a photo He is using the iPhone 13 Pro here in this picture via this linkAnd since the image dates back to the beginning of last year, we expect him to have updated his phone to the latest version of the iPhone 14 Pro, as we have become accustomed to Neymar updating his phone with every new iPhone version. (Click on each link to see a picture of it and your favorite star).

players phones

The traditional rival of Brazil is the Argentina national team, the tango dancers team that managed to win the title, and when we mention Argentina, Lionel Messi immediately comes to mind, who seems to be still using A gold-plated iPhone, which is shown in the image with this link And it may be the same one that was dedicated to him after winning the Ballon d’Or in 2021.

The French national team reached the final, but it missed one of its most important stars, the government, Karim Benzema, the most prominent star of Real Madrid. Benzema recently won the Golden Ball award for the best player in the world, and he appeared in this clip using A phone that appears to be from the iPhone 13 family, either Pro or Pro Max.

The same applies to fellow Croatian magician Luka Modric Luka Modric who posted on his Instagram a photo of himself taking pictures Selfie with his family at Disneyland while holding iPhone 13 Pro.

Benzema’s competitor currently in the Spanish League is Barcelona’s top scorer, Robert Lewandowski, the last picture of him holding a phone dating back to the days of his contract with Huawei, where it revealed Use it for the flagship Huawei P50 Pro.

Their third rival, Atletico Madrid, is French striker Antoine Griezmann He posted an old photo of him holding the iPhone 12 ProAnd the evidence that it is 12 and not 13 is that the date of publishing the image dates back to a few days before the launch of the iPhone 13 family.

The other French star, Kylian Mbappe, is the World Cup top scorer We find him here holding an iPhone, most likely the iPhone 13 Pro…

Mbappe appeared in a photo with his Moroccan colleague in Paris Saint-Germain, and talking about Ashraf Hakimi, one of the most important stars of the Atlas Lions who shone in the World Cup, and in this photo Hakimi is shown using the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

When talking about Arab players, there is Riyad Mahrez, the Algerian player for Manchester City We find him here holding the regular iPhone 12, And from Algeria to Egypt, where the star Mohamed Salah, who we know he is He uses an iPhone through his tweets on Twitter… Although we did not get an image to determine the version of the phone, we expect it to be either iPhone 13 Pro or 12 Pro, or it may have updated to 14 Pro.

players phones
players phones

And when we talk about rising stars, who is the star that shines this period like the Norwegian butcher Erling Haaland? Erling Haaland Haaland is a contract with Samsung, and he appeared in this photo He uses the company’s devices, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra in white.

players phones
players phones

Samsung is a Korean company, and in South Korea there is the Tottenham Hotspur star Son, who despite our expectations that he will use a phone from the Korean company Samsung as well, but he uses an iPhone As shown by his tweets on Twitter.

Son’s teammate Harry Kane, the English star and captain of the England national team, appeared in this clip And he records a video through the regular iPhone 12 phone.

And we conclude with the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who buzzed the world with the news of his joining the Saudi club Al-Nasr. Did you know that Ronaldo’s current salary allows him to collect the price of the most powerful iPhone in just 5 minutes??? Here we left you the challenge to find out which device Ronaldo uses,, Write to us in the comments…

Here is a video clip of the players’ phones from my YouTube channel:

What type of phone do you carry? What kind of phone does your favorite star have?

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