Galaxy S23 – Galaxy S23 will come with the strongest layers of screen protection ever!

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Samsung had a good relationship with the original Gorilla Glass Victus, then the Galaxy S22 series was the first to introduce the improved Victus + and now history will repeat itself, as the upcoming Galaxy S23 series will be the first to feature the new Gorilla Glass Victus 2 model, here are the details ..

Galaxy S23 with the strongest screen protection ever

The Victus 2 is focused on extreme endurance including drops onto extremely rough surfaces such as concrete from up to 1m (hip height) or up to 2m (head height) if dropped onto asphalt, however this improved drop resistance does not scratch resistance calculation.

Corning film for Galaxy S23 phones

Is characterized by GG Victus 2 It is an advocate for the environment as it contains an average of 22% “pre-consumer” recycled content, and this has earned it the Environmental Claim Validation label.

Corning film for Galaxy S23 phones
Gorilla Glass Victus 2

Victus 2 is supposed to be used to protect both the front and back of the phones, just like Victus + protection on the sides of every S22 phone, and here is what (Stephanie Choi) Executive Vice President and Marketing Director of Samsung MX said about the new glass:

“We are committed to integrating sustainability throughout our product lifecycle, and working with like-minded partners like Corning to improve performance while reducing our environmental impact. The next generation of flagship Galaxy smartphones are the first to use Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2, providing better durability. and improved sustainability at the same time.”

Corning film for Galaxy S23 phones
Gorilla Glass Victus 2

And a word from David Velasquez, Vice President and General Manager, Gorilla Glass:

Today’s consumers have come to expect damage-resistant smartphone screens. For more than a decade, Gorilla Glass has met the needs of smartphone users, setting the standard for hard cover materials. We are proud to continue our long-standing partnership with Samsung and that our latest innovations play a vital role in Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones. .”

What do you think of the Corning protection layer for the Galaxy S23 phones?

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