iOS 17 – iOS 17 is the first device eligible for the new update and the most significant improvements it brings

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Apple recently introduced iOS 16.3, which is the latest version of iOS 16, which was introduced in June last year and released in the fall with the iPhone 14 series. This year, iOS 17 will be released alongside iPhone 15 series, most likely next September.

The most prominent improvements that the iOS 17 update will bring

According to the source, iOS 17 will not introduce any huge fixes or changes, and thus it is expected to look identical to iOS 16. Instead, the focus in the upcoming version will be on increasing stability and efficiency, and support for Apple’s Reality Pro AR / VR headset.

iOS 17 update

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For this, the iOS 17 update will contain a new app for headphones. It is said that this will be similar to the Watch app, but with “much more features”.

The Home app appears to be in the process of being revamped, with “big changes” afoot, as well as more seemingly minor “tweaks” to Find My.

iOS 17 - iOS 17 is the first devices eligible for the new update and the most prominent improvements it brings
iOS 17

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In addition, the Music app will see some changes related to its navigation. The Mail app will be “slightly” simplified, and reminders and files will be improved, though it’s not explained how. Apparently, minor changes are also expected in the Fitness and Wallet apps, and the latter may be connected to Apple Pay later.

Eligible devices for iOS 17

iOS 17 appears to be designed to run on six devices with Dynamic Island, two of which are already available iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So it seems that all four upcoming iPhone 15 models will feature the “Dynamic Island”, and will finally abandon the notch.

iOS 17 - iOS 17 is the first devices eligible for the new update and the most prominent improvements it brings
iPhone 14 Pro

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All four upcoming iPhones will have a USB-C port, but only two will support USB 3.2 speeds, and presumably the Pro and Pro Max will also support the feature. Non-Pro devices will maintain similar speeds to what devices currently get with the Lightning port.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to come with “more advanced” image processing software compared to the iPhone 15 Pro, and a better cooling system.

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