Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Here are camera samples in low light

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is set to be officially unveiled on February 1, 2023. However, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was unboxed before it was officially launched.

Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra's edges are also squarer compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra's. Most likely, this makes it more comfortable to hold. The S Pen slot is still on the left side.

In addition to the unboxing video, Urbina shared some low-light camera shots of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Unfortunately, he has removed his posts from Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

That's why we can't show you the unboxing video, but pictures taken with the phone and showing off its low light capabilities have gone viral on the internet.

And the pictures show that the night mode in the S23 Ultra will be impressive. Even photos taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra's zoom look good at first glance and contain plenty of detail. As you can see, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is more successful than its predecessor in the low-light comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Here are camera samples in low light
Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Google Pixel 7 Pro in Zoom

The popular Ice Universe company also claims that the S23 Ultra will be able to record 4K bokeh video at 30fps, higher than the 1080p 30fps limit in the S22 Ultra.

The device is also said to have relatively good thermal management for sustainable performance. This has been an issue with Samsung phones in the past. And we'll see if all of this is true when the phone comes out on February 1st.

What do you think of the pictures taken with the phone camera?


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