WhatsApp update finally brings the long-awaited feature for many years soon

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This is probably the best news you’ll see about the entire 2023 WhatsApp update, as the company is working on a new feature that allows you to easily send photos without losing quality.

WhatsApp update brings the feature of sending images without losing quality in 2023

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Site explained WABetaInfo In the latest leak that WhatsApp is already testing the function of sending images without losing quality. He even posted some screenshots of the app to see what the interface will be like. It couldn't be simpler and more intuitive.

When the function is on, you will simply have to share a photo with the attach icon, and when you are in the last step before sending it, click on the gear to select the quality of the shipment.

Screenshot showing WhatsApp's lossless photo sending feature

This way you can make the image reach the recipient without any quality loss, just like on your device. It's really useful, because until now, sharing a photo on WhatsApp meant losing almost all the details. And a 3 or 4 MB image stayed at a few kilobytes.

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The feature is currently being tested and you need to wait before you can use it. It could reach all users in a few weeks in a public WhatsApp update.

A recent update to WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, introduced support for agents on both Android and iOS devices. Now, the company is focusing on developing new features like chat transfer, block shortcut, and new camera mode for future app update, according to WABeta Info. For more, follow “The first WhatsApp update in 2023 brings the 3 most important features soon.”

In any case, we hope that Meta will release this feature as soon as possible due to its great importance and need for everyone. It is worth noting that WhatsApp finally, after a long wait, introduced the “companion mode” for phones on the beta version of Android, for some beta testers. So what is the accompanying situation and why is it so important.

Did you like the feature? Will you use this feature as soon as it is launched in?

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