What is the battery saver mode in Xiaomi phones and why should it be activated immediately?

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All phones today come with a battery saver mode for those times when we need the phone before heading home, either in case something happens or we’re waiting for an important call. The problem is that it seems that all manufacturers, incl Xiaomi It focuses on offering much faster charging speeds, up to 150W, and equipping the new phones with much smaller batteries, which reduces their available use before you get somewhere.

To solve this problem, Xiaomi has created a new battery saving mode, which is much better. It goes a step further for those who only and exclusively need the essentials running on their phone when there is little left to run out of battery.

Battery saving mode on Xiaomi phones

Battery saving mode

This mode arrived with MIUI 12, and was added in the same Battery section of the phone’s settings. Battery saving mode does make certain tweaks to reduce battery usage, but it takes it to extremes: restrict background activities, close power-hungry apps, lower brightness, and turn on dark mode so that it consumes less screen.

The standard battery saver mode doesn’t make many tweaks, instead limiting background activity, extending your phone’s remaining usage for a few more hours.

How to activate battery saver mode

To start using the maximum battery saving mode, just go to Settings > Battery and you’ll see it at the bottom of the bar with Battery saving, Balanced and Performance modes.

Battery saving mode
Battery saving mode

When you go to activate it, you will get a notification about how it affects Xiaomi, and the many tweaks you make to save battery in this way. And you can check the “Don’t show again” box and click OK to activate the function and you will no longer be notified.

At this point, the entire screen will go black while you’re making changes, and when you’re done, all you can do is call, view contacts, and send messages (SMS).

Battery saving mode
Battery saving mode

Battery saving mode setting

You can only use these three functions, but Xiaomi allows you to add apps if you need to use any of them in this mode.

To do this, you just have to press Add on the battery saving mode screen and select the app or apps that you want to include when activated.

In addition, Xiaomi also allows this mode to be turned off automatically when the phone reaches 50% charge, so that the rest of the apps that were limited will return to normal. To activate this function, you must do the following:

  • Tap on the icon that appears in the upper right corner in the battery settings.
  • Select “Extreme Battery Saver”.
  • Check the “Disable automatically” checkbox.
Battery saving mode
Battery saving mode

Notably, compared to the normal Battery Saver mode, the Extreme version represents an increase of over 160%, since in our case we went from 20 hours of use with the standard to almost an astonishing 53 hours of use with the Battery Saver mode. the battery.

What is the battery saver mode in Xiaomi phones and why should it be activated immediately?

What do you think of these wonderful functions that Xiaomi provides to its phones?

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