Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Galaxy S23 Ultra Leaked the first video clip captured with the phone’s camera in 4K

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Samsung is now all set to unveil its new devices on February 1 at the Galaxy Unpacked launch event. The star of the event will be the Galaxy S23 series, or more specifically, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone.

Through several leaks, we already know that the device has a new 200MP main camera. Sample images have also been released to show the improvement in quality. Now, whistleblower Edwards Urbina has shared multiple YouTube sample videos showing footage In 4K at 60 frames per second Taken with Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Edwards Urbina also shared video samples 8K resolution at 30 frames per second On Twitter, however, it was quickly removed. It is possible that Samsung intervened because it did not want these unofficial video samples to circulate on the Internet before the official launch.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera shots

The first photo appears to have been captured by the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP primary camera. While the second video appears to have been zoomed in, which could mean that it was shot by one of the telephoto cameras (3x and 10x) on the phone.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera shots

New camera samples for the device also appeared with a single shot of the 200MP main camera, while the other photos were taken at a 10x and 30x zoom rate.

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Unfortunately, these images have been removed from Twitter, which means they are scaled down and we can’t see them in their original resolution.

With a launch date set for next week, we expect more images and video samples of these devices to appear soon.

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