Android 14 – Android 14 brings the most important feature ever in 2023

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2023 is the year when Android 14 will be officially introduced. There are several months left for its official and stable version, but there is not much to look at the development stages.

Your phone will know how far away your watch or headphones are

This technology is called Bluetooth RSSI and through an API it allows you to measure the distance between two connected devices. That is, the Bluetooth of Android 14 will be able to tell how many meters or centimeters your watch or headphones are. And all without the need for internet or coverage. bluetooth only.

It has already been developed: it cannot be used to locate devices, only to measure the distance between them. That is, your device will know if the smartwatch is 30 cm or 2 meters. The core feature isn't anything fancy, but it does open the door for third party development.

Developers will be able to use this feature for gaming or simply to allow you to unlock the device when a Bluetooth device is at a distance. Now this is possible if the device is online, but in Android 14 you can put a condition that the device must be an X space.

It won't be the star function of Android 14, but it is one of the first known operating systems from the next Google. If you use headphones or smartwatches, you will most likely want to have this functionality as soon as possible on your mobile phone.

When will Android 14 be launched?

Android 14 - Android 14 brings the most important feature ever in 2023
Android 14 logo

Android releases follow a fairly predictable schedule, with specific milestones set to help app developers and device manufacturers prepare for the new release. The update is usually launched in the third quarter of the year.

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The first official announcement comes with the release of the first Developer Preview (DP), which shows features that are still in development for the system. The next step usually takes place at Google I/O, the company's developer conference, which is traditionally held in May and where the first betas are often announced.

Android 14
Android 14 logo

After about three to five betas, Google says the release "includes an Android release candidate." This means that the feature set is final, and at least for app developers, all application interfaces (APIs) are ready for testing apps and games.

After fixing some bugs, mostly related to stability issues for Pixel smartphones, Google releases the stable version, coinciding with the announcement of a new generation of Pixel. This presentation takes place between August and October since Android 6 (Marshmallow, at the time of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P).

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