iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) with M1 gets subjected to scratch, burn, and bend testing

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Previous iPads have not always performed well in bending tests – something about the size and metal construction does not make them really as durable as most phones that way.

Apple has recently released its new flagship tablets for 2021, and if you’re wondering what the bigger of these two would do in a traditional scratch, burn and flex test, well, here’s your answer. Zack from JerryRigAlt is at it again, this time testing the iPad Pro 12.9 with the M1 chipset and the first ever mini-LED LCD screen in a tablet.

How will that screen be abused? First, it’s still covered in glass like any other screen on a mobile device, so predictably it scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale with deeper grooves at level 7. So far, so good.

But how do the mini LEDs react to the flame? It turns out that pixels turn black after approx. 17 seconds and then restored after the heat is removed. It actually looks incredible how traditional LCD panels behave.

The aluminum frame scratches when exposed to a leaf, and you can try to ‘pull’ an elephant on it if you want. Finally, test – spoiler alarm bends, the screen bends out of the frame when the tablet is bent from behind. And it remains bent. Bending from the other side there is less flex and much less give. After another try from behind, the device does not break on its own, but it remains bent, so you may not be sitting on your brand new $ 1,100 tablet.

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