Samsung’s best categories: 6 reasons why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy A series phone instead of the Galaxy S series

alex mathos11 June 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
Samsung’s best categories: 6 reasons why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy A series phone instead of the Galaxy S series

What are the best Samsung categories, or in other words, do you want to buy a comprehensive phone from the Korean company Samsung that provides all the features you need? Is it better to buy a Samsung Galaxy S series phone or a Samsung Galaxy A series phone? We will answer all this and more in the lines below.

A set of features that make you buy a Samsung Galaxy A instead of the S series

Together, we will learn about the main reasons why you should consider buying a Samsung Galaxy A series phone instead of the Samsung Galaxy S series.

They both come with the same interface

Whether you choose a phone from the Samsung Galaxy S series or the Samsung Galaxy A series, you get the same software experience – Samsung’s One UI interface. Sure, the flagship S series receives Android updates a little faster, but the delay between the two isn’t long enough to be annoying.

In fact, just like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and other Samsung flagships, the company now offers up to four years of major Android updates and five years of security updates to its mid-range phones as well, including the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33.

Both have a similar capacity battery life

The battery life of the Galaxy S and Galaxy A phones isn’t much different either. In fact, even Samsung’s budget phones come with 5,000mAh batteries, which is enough for two full days in light to medium use.

However, Samsung flagship phones already have faster charging speeds, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging capability. This does not mean that they are essential features and may not be important to you.

Both come with a similar screen

Since the punch-hole camera design has become more common, it’s more difficult than ever to distinguish flagship phones from cheaper alternatives when looking at the screen alone. For example, put the Galaxy S22+ and A53 side by side, and you’ll see how similar they are. The former starts at $999 while the latter starts at $449.

It owns the main brands (series phones Samsung Galaxy S) The bottom edges are thinner, but you don’t get any significant improvement in the screen.

Samsung Galaxy A series phones have an external card slot

Samsung's best categories: 6 reasons why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy A series phone instead of the Galaxy S series

MicroSD cards are very economical. On average, an additional 128GB of internal storage in a phone costs an additional $100; But if you buy a microSD card, you can get the same amount of storage for less than $20.

Plus, with MicroSD cards, you don’t need to wait for your data to transfer; Simply take it out of your old phone and insert it into your new phone. Fortunately, Samsung’s mid-range phones still come with a microSD card slot with support for expandable storage up to 1TB.

MicroSD card support is one of the many features that are no longer available in the recent flagship, and we believe it will be removed soon from all mid-range and budget phones as well.

You probably don’t need flagship features

Unless you’re a power user, gamer, or technician, paying a higher price for premium features that you won’t use often doesn’t make sense. Features like wireless charging, 8K video recording, or a 108MP camera might sound exciting on paper but are too exaggerated and unnecessary in your phone given the current state of technology.

Old Samsung Galaxy A phones with charger and audio jack

As we feared, Samsung has finally removed the headphone jack from its mid-range phones – just as it did with its flagship phones. And if that wasn’t painful enough, you also don’t get a charger in the box anymore.

However, if you’re okay with buying an older model, the Galaxy A32, A52, and A72 still come with these two features.

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In your opinion, what are the best Samsung categories? Is the best Samsung Galaxy A series or the Galaxy S series?

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