Top 5 ways to speed up the Xiaomi MIUI interface and improve the performance of all budget phones

Tamsin Rodriguez11 June 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
Top 5 ways to speed up the Xiaomi MIUI interface and improve the performance of all budget phones

Xiaomi phones are one of the best selling phones in the global market due to their great specifications and reasonable price. However, some users of Xiaomi phones, especially those with low specifications, over time face some problems such as slow device due to phone space filling or not updating regularly. Xiaomi’s interface on these phones may also become too heavy?

There are some ways that can prevent problems that may occur and speed up the MIUI interface without the need to root it.

Ways to speed up the Xiaomi MIUI interface

Here are the best ways that can help speed up the MIUI interface:

Turn on the Memory Extension feature

The RAM expansion feature, which Xiaomi introduced with a new update for its devices from 2021 onwards for other brands’ devices, uses internal storage to create SWAP storage and mitigate RAM. The Memory Extension feature does not work as efficiently as the physical memory, but it does speed up the MIUI interface.

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Run automatic cache cleaning

Your device’s cache can fill up quickly depending on usage, which can cause your device to slow down or hang animations. So the automatic cache cleaning feature in MIUI most appropriate in this case. This feature clears the cache every time you lock the screen of your device. Also you can set the interval to clear the cache.

Block system app ads

Ads appearing in system applications cause slow user interface because they can consume system resources. It is very easy to block ads that users often criticize and do not want to see. All you have to do is set up a private DNS. Enter “” in your private DNS provider and check showing ads to be sure.

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Turn off unnecessary animations/effects

This method is not specific to the Xiaomi MIUI interface, but rather a normal technique to speed up the device. Set the value of all animation scales specified in the screenshot to 0 or 0.5 and the animations will be faster than before and the MIUI interface will be faster.

Make sure that the internal storage is not full

The state of the internal storage greatly affects the stability of your device. When your storage is often full, the speed of the storage stick slows down and may affect the speed of your device as well. To avoid this problem, make sure that the internal storage is not full and do not install unnecessary applications.

All these methods that speed up the MIUI interface are applicable and workable even without root. If your device is still slow or gets stuck, there might be another issue that you can fix by doing a soft reset first. If your issue is not resolved, you may need to contact an authorized Shami Service.

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Share your experience with us in the comments if your Xiaomi phone performs better after the methods.

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