HarmonyOS will reach 2 billion devices with its wonderful features in 2023

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HarmonyOS is currently available as the exclusive operating system in China (mainly) and Huawei is looking forward to installing it on around 2 billion devices in 2023.

The goal is very big but according to the progress of this system over the past 3 years, the company has already achieved many milestones that we cannot ignore.

Huawei aims to launch the HarmonyOS system on a large scale

According to the company’s previous achievements, a system has been introduced HarmonyOS to more than 200 million devices by the end of 2021, but it was only for Huawei devices. Meanwhile, HarmonyOS Connect, an operating system for third-party products, has launched more than 100 million new devices with HarmonyOS pre-installed.

Harmony OS

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In 2022, Huawei rolled out the HarmonyOS update to about 320 million of its own devices, and then launched HarmonyOS Connect with more than 250 million third-party products.

Open Harmony, an open source version of Harmony OS, has emerged and has grown rapidly in the past two years after its introduction to the open source OpenAtom.

This year Huawei may expand Harmony OS in the global market and launch new products. On the other hand, HarmonyOS Connect can surpass the larger number, which looks more exciting.

HarmonyOS will reach 2 billion devices with its wonderful features in 2023
Harmony OS

Open Harmony can set new records, as it is being used by several major Chinese technology companies for use in various purposes. With all these numbers, HarmonyOS can successfully target 2 billion devices by the end of 2023.

It is reported that Harmony OS was launched in 2019, which is a multi-core operating system, designed and developed by Huawei and later donated to the OpenAtom Foundation.

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In 2020, the company announced Harmony OS for smartphones and expanded it widely the following year. Harmony OS is known for its user-friendly interface and multi-device connectivity features.

HarmonyOS will reach 2 billion devices with its wonderful features in 2023
Harmony OS

It is known as the Internet of Things operating system, which can run across the lowest possible specifications like 128KB of RAM. This is how it is used in all kinds of products in the Chinese market and is expected to grow even more this year.

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