Xiaomi 2023 secrets and secrets: a hidden trick that enables you to perform a very important job

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Undoubtedly, the customization department is one of the aspects that makes many users choose to buy Xiaomi phones. Thanks to the Themes section that we find integrated into the system, we will be able to enjoy a large number of official and downloadable themes for free, but did you know that you can install themes on your phone from third-party stores?

And this is exactly what we will show you in this explanation, and it is a mechanism that requires certain steps to follow and is not as simple as downloading any themes from your specific application, so we tell you in great detail so that you can run it on your Xiaomi or Redmi phones.

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And in order to be able to download and install new themes for Xiaomi or Redmi phone, it is very important to keep in mind when performing this process that although in Xiaomi or Redmi phones in recent versions it works without much problems, we tried this same tutorial with POCO phones and it is not compatible with the same themes when using the POCO Launcher installed by default.

Therefore, as long as you want to search for Xiaomi themes, you will have to do it with compatible files, because those that we can install on Xiaomi or Redmi devices will not work properly.

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How to download and install themes on Xiaomi and Redmi phones?

To make this point clear, we also want to talk about the website we used to download various additional themes in relation to what already offers us the same app built into any Xiaomi phone, and that is MIUI Themer, which includes themes compatible with versions of MIUI 12 and beyond.

Change the main interface on your phone with the best themes

Thanks to it, we will have access to a large number of themes that we can download in a completely simple and safe way, since they have all been analyzed and validated beforehand.

And of course, the complicated point of this process comes when installing it, since we will have to use an application called ChaoMe Theme Editor which we can download for free at Google Play Store.

Once we have installed this application on our Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone, we will have to perform the following steps to be able to install the themes:

Steps to change the name of the theme that you downloaded
  • Access the File Manager app of your Xiaomi or Redmi phone and enter the folder where you downloaded the theme
  • Tap on the downloaded .zip file and select the Rename option which you will find in the bottom menu of the screen
  • Now, just remove the “.zip” extension from the file and save the changes (the file name should end in .mtz format)

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As you can see, the extension we provided for the file is different from the one we had, but it is an absolutely necessary step for ChaoMe to identify it. Once we have it, we will now simply have to do the following:

Xiaomi 2023 secrets and secrets: a hidden trick that enables you to perform a very important job
Theme installation steps
  • Open the ChaoMe app on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone, tap on “Browse”
  • Now, find the file that we renamed earlier and click on it
  • As you can see, the app will recognize you and you will simply have to click on Next and Finish to install it and select it from the custom theme app for your phone

In your opinion, what is the best theme that you liked?

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