The iPhone is dying, and stay tuned for 10 amazing phones in 2023 and interesting news in the weekly Tech newsletter

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This week, the Tech Newsletter presents very interesting news, and begins with warm congratulations to our people in Iraq on the inauguration of the 25th Gulf Championship, which was amazing and captured everyone’s admiration, with wishes of success to the participating teams. We also reveal news about the giant manufacturers, so welcome to the Tech Newsletter..

Important and interesting news in Tech Bulletin

1- Ten phones you should wait for in 2023

And we start the bulletin with the ten phones that you have to wait for in 2023, and we ask you a question: What is the most waiting phone for you? Watch the video at the end of the article.

2- Apple phone will die

And in the shocking news, a famous technical analyst announced that Apple had killed its small phone. Let’s get to know the causes of death and what will happen?

Then the question of the week about the most anticipated features of the Galaxy S23 phone, followed by the five winners paragraph, and now the most important news in the Tech newsletter:

  • Samsung appoints design director at Mercedes

A very important report appeared saying that Samsung appointed the design director of the Mercedes-Benz car company to design a phone inspired by the world of the giant company in cars in the expected Galaxy S24 phone ..

  • The end of the PlayStation 5 availability crisis

The head of Sony confirms that the PlayStation 5 availability crisis has officially ended, after a period of interruption of the devices in a number of countries of the world.

  • 3D screen without glasses

Asus announces a 3D screen without the need for special glasses while using the laptop, by tracking eye movement and displaying realistic 3D images with a sense of objects leaving the screen.

  • PUBG: financial revenues of $ 9 billion

If you forgot or stopped playing PUBG, this does not mean that the popularity of the game has declined. A report says that it broke the barrier of financial revenues amounting to $ 9 billion!!

Bebji in Tech Bulletin
  • In-car gaming service for the driver

NVIDIA provides the game service in the car to the driver.. You ask if this is dangerous and occupies the driver of the car!! .. Do not worry.. The feature only works while the car is parked and waiting for the driver.. This is great news for wives while shopping in malls.

The iPhone is dying, and stay tuned for 10 amazing phones in 2023 and interesting news in the weekly Tech newsletter
  • Hyundai offers online games for children in cars

As for this news, it is wonderful for parents.. andHyundai It responds to NVIDIA with an online gaming service in the back seats of long car trips..and this means reducing the inconvenience and boredom of children on trips..

  • A laptop that turns into a huge tablet

Samsung unveils an initial device called Flex Note, which turns from a laptop into a tablet and does not contain a keyboard with mechanical buttons, and the bottom part also has a screen!

  • Intelligence has arrived in the shower

Intelligence has arrived, this time a smart shower that accommodates the addition of scented capsules, vitamins and body cosmetics to combine directly with the shower water, at a price of $120.

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