Samsung Galaxy phones and laptops get new Phone Link feature: Recent Websites

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Samsung Galaxy phones are usually the first to get new features enabled in Microsoft’s Phone Link app, which connects Android devices to Windows computers. There’s a new one called “Recent Sites” that lets you easily continue your last browsing session from your phone on your Galaxy Book laptop.

How it works is pretty simple – just open the Phone Link app (or use the drop-out menu from the taskbar) and you’ll see a list of the last websites you visited on your Galaxy phone. You can tap on an individual website or Open All to load them in your laptop’s browser.

Here’s a demo:

This is just a taste of the new features to come, Samsung will be unboxing the Galaxy S23 series and new Galaxy Book3 laptops on February 1st, and it’s teasing that it has more connectivity features up its sleeve.

That said, this feature is not tied to a specific version of the Galaxy phone or Galaxy Book. One more update Phone Link app (on Windows) and Link to the Windows app (on Android) rolling out now. Once you have the two apps updated and your devices connected to each other, you should be able to use the new Recent Sites feature.

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