Top 5 apps to convert photos into drawing via artificial intelligence

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You must have come across posts about artificial intelligence applications recently, such as: I asked the artificial intelligence to draw me and this was the result…etc, but how do they do it? In this article, we show you the 5 best applications for creating images through artificial intelligence.

Top 5 applications for creating images via artificial intelligence

First: Wonder AI

Once you enter the application, you will find a box. Describe anything you want the artificial intelligence to present to you in the form of an art painting. The more accurate and lengthy the description, the better. Then choose the art style from the available options and click on Create. Wait a while and you will find your artistic image ready.

The wonderful thing is that the application includes the advantage of using an image from your device for artificial intelligence to rely on as a reference, for example, you can upload your own image and depending on it and on the exact description that you provided, you will get an artistic image similar to you with artificial intelligence.

Moreover, the app has a very large community. You can browse users’ artboards and share your own. The app is available on Android And iOS Free or with a paid subscription.

Second: Dream By WAMBO

One of the most famous applications in this field and the most accurate and professional. Once you enter the application, write your exact description of what you want from the artificial intelligence to draw, then style the image and be surprised by the result. The application offers four different results, one free and three other more professional images, but the application requires you to subscribe to the paid version to get them The application is flawed by the large number of annoying and long ads in every step you take, but the results you get remain better than all competing applications, but certainly the secret remains in the accurate and proper description of what you want exactly, as well as there is an option to use an auxiliary image on which artificial intelligence builds its artistic image, The app is available for free or with a paid subscription Android And iOS.

Top 5 applications
Implementation Dream By WAMBO

Third: Lensa

It is originally a free photo and video editing application, but with the new update, an awesome feature has been added that enables users to create their own Avatar or cartoon image from the application.

Unfortunately, the service is not free, but requires subscription to a paid package at a nominal price. After subscribing to the service, the application will ask you to choose ten to twenty selfies of your own from your device, then choose the Avatar shape or style that you want it to be.

After that you have to wait for a few minutes until you can finally get your picture. The results provided by this application are exceptional, and it is available on Android And iOS.

Top 5 apps to convert photos into drawing via artificial intelligence
Lensa application

Fourth: Dawn AI

An application that can be downloaded for free, but when entering it, you must pay to convert your images into an Avatar with artificial intelligence, and perhaps this is what made its rating on the Play Store lower than expected.

Apart from the paid subscription, the application offers professional results and excellent details in the designs. You can transform yourself into a character in historical legends, mythical or even a superhero. The application is available on Android And iOS.

Top 5 apps to convert photos into drawing via artificial intelligence
Implementation Dawn AI

Fifth: AI Art Generator

The only paid application with us in this list, the way it works is similar to all previous applications with a more comfortable use experience with fast processing of orders and away from the large number of annoying ads with more quality and realistic results.

The application can create cartoon pictures for you, artistic paintings with creativity, or even professional wallpapers to set as an exclusive lock image for your device. There is also a Discover section to feed your vision and creative sense with artistic paintings created by other users. The application is available on android And iOS At $5.

Top 5 apps to convert photos into drawing via artificial intelligence
Implementation AI Art Generator

Here is a YouTube video about the 5 best AI drawing apps:

We have finished displaying the applications, the links you can find at the bottom of the video above, share with us the application you liked the most..

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