Weekly poll results: the Redmi K60 series is off to a strong start

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Judging by last week’s poll, the Redmi K60 series is off to a good start. Judging by the first sales report, we can conclude the same. Of course, some models of the trio are more popular than others.

Redmi K60 Pro is the fan favorite, no surprise here. It got a lot of positive attention and it looks like it might draw people away from more expensive flagships.

It’s not fully equipped to compete at the highest level, the lack of a telephoto lens and an IP rating holding it back, but it also has the lowest price of any Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phone at the moment. Speaking of which, we still don’t know in what form the Redmi K60 Pro will be available globally – Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco?

People are worried that the global model will not be quite as cheap compared to the competition. But if Xiaomi maintains the prices, this could be one of the more popular high-end phones this year.

The Redmi K60 was quite popular in its own right, although many are tempted by the Pro. For a few dollars more, the Pro gets you the next-gen chipset with an upgraded GPU and a better sensor for the main camera.

Again, the global pricing of this model is unknown – that CNY 800 difference could end up being more or less than the $115/€110/₹9,500 it converts to. It will be the deciding factor between Redmi K60 and K60 Pro. Right now most people are leaning towards Pro.

Weekly poll results: The Redmi K60 series is off to a good start

Finally, the Redmi K60E experienced the same thing as the vanilla K60 – a better phone is available for a little more money. In this case, the difference is only CNY 300 ($45/€41/₹3,600), and while the CNY 2,200 price tag is low for a QHD+ screen, the switch to a Dimensity 8200 and a few other downgrades make it a tough sell.

Weekly poll results: The Redmi K60 series is off to a good start

We’ll keep you posted on news of the Redmi K60 series (or phones based on the three models) reaching markets outside of China. This week the focus was on launching the Redmi Note 12 series in India, but with that done, it might be time for the K60 to pack a suitcase and see the world.

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