Apple also developing a cheaper mixed-reality headset

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Apple is expected to launch a flagship-level mixed-reality headset sometime this year. The price of the Reality Pro is said to be around $3,000, and today The information reveals that Cupertino wants to launch a more affordable product that will be closer to the Meta Quest Pro headset, which is currently priced at $1,500.

Bloomberg also weighed in, revealing that the majority of the Apple Technology Development Group is working on two devices, and the lower-end headset could arrive in 2024.

Apple VR headset sketch (image: The information)

Apple Reality Pro is expected to have 4K internal displays for each eye, plenty of outward-facing cameras, and an H2 wireless chip for fast connection with AirPods. All of these are deemed to have been replaced or omitted by Apple engineers.

Earlier this month, a report about Cupertino looking to break away from its reliance on Qualcomm and Broadcom’s connectivity chips revealed that we might see an Apple-developed all-in-one chip for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. Working on these projects means that Apple’s augmented reality glasses project has been put on hold, and it is unclear whether it will be restarted again.

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