reveals Galaxy S23 series pre-order period and perks

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Current expectations are that Samsung will raise the prices of the Galaxy S23 series in Europe (compared to last year’s S22 models). The company is also preparing to soften the blow with the usual discounts. It turns out that someone has updated the fine print on the Samsung UK Business portal with details of the S23 pre-order, although the page still lists the current S22 phones.

Again, this is the business portal, so the 10% discount from #4 probably doesn’t apply to you. However, there may be similar discounts for individuals.

#6 is where it gets interesting – the Galaxy S23 series will be available with a free next-level memory upgrade. In case you missed it, the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra will move up from 128GB to 256GB in base capacity. The Galaxy S23 sticks to the 128GB base for another year. There may be additional offers, but they are not yet reflected in the fine print.

From the date, it is clear that Samsung will run a pre-order campaign until February 16. It is as expected that the company traditionally starts sales on the first Friday, which comes two weeks after the publication.

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