Xiaomi Band 7 European pricing leaks

Tamsin Rodriguez13 June 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
Xiaomi Band 7 European pricing leaks

Xiaomi unveiled Band 7 to the Chinese market last month, and the fitness tracker is expected to make its global debut in the near future. Today, this was again confirmed by a Twitter leak, which also added the European price range for the device.

According to this one unconfirmed rumor, you should expect Band 7 to go for € 50 to € 60. Considering that Band 6 was launched last year at € 45.99, this is a price increase, although the new wearable ends up costing € 49.99.

On the other hand, at the opposite end of the spectrum, if it is to go for € 59, is that exactly how much you will need to buy the newly launched Huawei Band 7. Coincidence? Maybe maybe not. It is unclear whether the European version of the Xiaomi Band 7 we are discussing here, the one that costs € 50 to € 60, will have any mobile payment support, or whether it will be another, even more expensive model, but stay tuned and we will give you message when we find out more.


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