Apple finally catches up to iPhone 14 Pro demand

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Analysts at JP Morgan track shipment estimates for iPhone 14 models around the world to measure the gap between demand and supply. According to the latest note published by the analysts, this disparity has effectively disappeared.

China’s struggle to contain a new COVID outbreak strained iPhone 14 Pro production capacity, and before the holidays Apple faced an estimated shortage of 15-20 million units. But now the holiday is over and China has changed its policy, allowing factories to reopen at normal capacity.

Delivery times for the four iPhone 14 models (source: JP Morgan)

The delivery dates for the two iPhone 14 Pro models around the world are now less than a week away, which the JP Morgan analysts see as a clear sign that supply has caught up with demand for the first time since launch.

All four iPhone 14 models have short waiting times, around 4 days on average. In the US, for example, shipping takes 5 days or so. In China and Europe, wait times are even shorter, around 3 days, and most SKUs are also available for in-store pickup.

The iPhone 14 Pro range is catching up with demand

This is good news for Apple, but the company is still heavily dependent on the facilities in Zhengzhou – the so-called “iPhone City” is currently the only place in the world that manufactures iPhone Pros.

Apple’s partners already produce vanilla iPhone 14s in India, and Cupertino has plans to expand this capacity (India-made iPhones account for only 5% of the total right now, the plan is to make it 25% by 2025).


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