Apple considers turning to LG for microLED smartwatch displays

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Just a few days ago, we reported that Samsung is moving fast with its development of microLED panels for smartwatches, and some believe that Apple will use them for its future Watch series. However, the latest report also puts LG Display in the mix.

An industry source says that LG Display has already established operations and it is producing backplanes for microLED displays in small quantities. Production is likely to start in the second half of 2024, so the first Apple Watch with a microLED display is expected to arrive in 2025.

This contradicts the latest report on Samsung’s microLED production, as analysts believe that LG’s rival will be ready with its displays as early as next year. It is possible that Samsung would use the technology for its Galaxy Watch series before supplying its microLEDs to Apple. Apple also loves to diversify its supply chains, so it is more likely that it will make deals with both companies and introduce a microLED smartwatch in 2025.


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