Apple to use own wireless chips for iPhones in 2025

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You may have heard about Apple’s plans to design its own cellular chip, rumored to debut in late 2024 or early 2025, but the latest rumor also includes the wireless chip responsible for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. -Fi connections. From now on, Apple uses Qualcomm’s cellular chips and Broadcom’s wireless.

A tipster familiar with the matter claims that Apple’s first internal wireless chip will launch with iPhones in 2025, and the company is considering combining the cellular chip with the wireless one. This will ultimately save on production costs, improve power consumption and take up less space.

This is just one of Apple’s many attempts to reduce its reliance on third-party suppliers, taking most of its production in-house. Apple’s M-series silicon is the latest example, and it’s clearly working well for the company.


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