Xiaomi phones provide a very important feature for car owners

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Can the speed limiter be run on Xiaomi phones? We will answer this question in the lines below. So, do not go far and kindly follow up not an order to know all the details regarding this matter.

DGT is increasingly concerned about the safety of road users. So much so that from now on, all vehicles that are certified must have an ISA speed system responsible for recognizing the speed signs of the respective road.

The integration of these systems into new vehicles will also be mandatory from 2024. At present, there are already many vehicles that include these functions, but the vast majority still do not.

Fortunately, the vast majority already carry a smartphone in their pocket that includes these features thanks to GPS knowing the maximum speed of the road you are on at all times.

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How to turn on the speed limiter on Google Maps in Xiaomi phones?

Xiaomi phones provide a very important feature for car owners
Steps to operate the speed limiter on Google Maps
  • Open “Google Maps.”
  • Select your profile picture at the top right and choose Settings.
  • Choose the “Navigation Settings” option.
  • At the bottom of the screen, check “Speed ​​Limits”.

As you can see, the process is really simple and can be very useful in order not to get fined. Other browsers such as Waze already activate this function automatically, although it is also present on some devices with Google Maps.

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