iPad Air 5 64GB model will not include iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap feature

Tamsin Rodriguez15 June 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
iPad Air 5 64GB model will not include iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap feature

Apple recently announced two new features coming to the M1 iPads with the upcoming iPadOS 16 update. This includes the Stage Manager feature as well as the virtual memory swap. But while all three M1 iPads will get both features, the base model of the iPad Air 5th generation will not get virtual memory swap.

The virtual memory swap is essentially a page file, a reserved portion of the device’s storage that can be used as virtual memory when the device runs out of system memory. The virtual memory swap feature of iPadOS 16 can reserve up to 16 GB of storage space for use as system memory if required by a particularly demanding application.

Due to its memory-sensitive nature, Apple has decided to limit this feature to only devices that have at least 128 GB of built-in storage. This is not a problem for the two iPad Pro models, both of which come with 128 GB of basic storage. However, the 2022 iPad Air 5 has only 64 GB as base storage, so that variant will not include this feature and it will only be available on the 256 GB variant.

The iPad Air 5 64 GB model will not have the iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap

However, this contradicts Apple’s reason for not including the Stage Manager feature for not being present on non-M1 iPads. In addition to taking advantage of the increased performance of the M1, Stage Manager also relies on 8GB of memory and the virtual memory swap feature to load and run a lot of apps at the same time.

With the base iPad Air 5, which does not include virtual memory swap but still has Stage Manager, some have caused some to question the need for the M1 to run this feature. Of course, there is still the performance difference between the M1 and A14 used on the iPad Air 4, but perhaps a more limited version of the Stage Manager could have been included on the older iPads.

Of course, as we go further into the iPad area, the processors become slower and the system memory lower, which calls into question the viability of a feature like Stage Manager on these devices. With Apple prioritizing performance, it makes sense why older iPads can’t run this feature.

As such, we think it’s fair that the feature is limited to M1 iPads. However, it would be interesting to see how the feature works on the base iPad Air 5 compared to the 256GB model or iPad Pros.


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