Galaxy S23 pre-booking campaign in the US closes in 2 days, last chance for up to $100 credit

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Three weeks ago, Samsung US started a pre-order campaign for the Galaxy S23 flagships and Galaxy Book3 laptops. This promotion is almost over – there are only 2 days left – which means this is your last chance to secure $50 or $100 in Samsung Credit.

The so-called “reservation” is really just an email reminder with a prize attached. You must enter your name and e-mail (possibly also your telephone number) and wait. Once you receive the email, you will receive the credit by pre-ordering a phone and/or laptop. If you change your mind, just ignore the email (you won’t get credit though).

Last chance to pre-order a Galaxy S23 and/or Galaxy Book3 in the US and get some Samsung credit

There is only one catch to this and that is you have to decide right now if you want just a phone or just a laptop (both options come with $50 credit), you can also choose to reserve both ( this gives you $100 credit) .

Note that the Samsung credit is the benefit just for reserving a Galaxy phone or laptop now. The actual pre-orders will have additional perks attached to them, though Samsung hasn’t confirmed what those will be (unofficially, we hear there will be a free upgrade to the next level of memory).

Follow this link to to reserve a Galaxy S23 phone and/or a Galaxy Book3 laptop. If you’re still not sure if you want one or not, check out our detailed What to Expect post for an in-depth look at what’s to come. Again, you can always change your mind and not go through with the pre-order.

The pre-order campaign ends at 12:59 PM EST this Wednesday.

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