Manu Kumar Jain leaves Xiaomi

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Manu Kumar Jain has left Xiaomi, the now former CEO revealed on Twitter. He served the technology company for 9 years and played an integral role in Xiaomi’s rise in India as head of the company’s operations in the Asian country.

In a lengthy letter, Jain revealed that he would take some time off before taking on his new professional challenge, ideally in a new industry.

Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi Global VP

Manu Kumar Jain left his position as Global VP at Xiaomi, even though his name was recently associated with violations of India’s foreign exchange laws. India’s Enforcement Directorate is investigating the relationship between the Chinese company and its Indian arm and royalty payments flowing both ways, and the now-former director operated from Dubai for the past few years.

During Jain’s time at Xiaomi India, the company became the top smartphone brand “without spending any advertising money”, the executive added. The branch’s expansion generated more than 50,000 jobs and “100% of smartphones and smart TVs” were made in India, another campaign Jain took credit for.

Manu Kumar Jain's letter

Manu Kumar Jain’s letter

Key Xiaomi executives like Alvin Tse, Global VP, and Hugo Barra, former director at Xiaomi, congratulated Jain and showered him with pleasantries and wished him the best in his future endeavours.


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