MIUI Downloader amazes all Xiaomi phone users with an irreplaceable feature

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In addition to keeping your device updated to the latest version, MIUI Downloader is an app with many utilities. In fact, one of its most curious functions in this app for Xiaomi phones allows you to see your deleted WhatsApp or Telegram messages again.

Steps to know deleted WhatsApp and Telegram messages

Here's how you can see it:

  • Open the MIUI Downloader app.
  • Head to the Hidden Features tab.
  • Swipe down until you reach the Notification History section.

You will then see all the notifications you received during the day. To view deleted WhatsApp or Telegram messages from Xiaomi, just tap the notifications of these apps.

And depending on the device, the message can be read directly without having to tap on the notification. Although in other cases it is necessary to strain.

Limitations to consider

Of course, although it is a decent alternative to viewing deleted messages from your messaging apps, it should be noted that it is not a perfect mechanism. For example, the log might not show:

  • Deleted photos or audios. In this case, it only indicates that you have received a photo, video or audio.
  • Backlogs of messages or very long texts.

Despite that, it is a very good option to see a specific deleted message from WhatsApp or Telegram from your Xiaomi phone.

MIUI Downloader amazes all Xiaomi phone users with an irreplaceable feature

In addition to that, you can also make use of the MIUI Downloader a little more and check if your device will be able to receive the upcoming software updates.

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