Galaxy S23 sales – Galaxy S23 will break all records in an unprecedented way

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After its launch yesterday of the new flagship Galaxy S23 series – Galaxy S23, Samsung expects that sales of the three Galaxy S23 phones will be more than any other series.

Last year’s 2022 series, the Galaxy S22, is considered the highest so far in terms of sales for the Korean giant, but the new series for this year 2023 will outperform everyone with unprecedented records. Here are the details.

Galaxy S23 sales will break all records

And according to the expectations of the Korean company, Samsung, this new series will achieve a very large percentage of sales, and only Source It will be 10% higher than last year’s S22 series sales.

Galaxy S23

As everyone knows, the new series includes 3 leading phones, the regular S23 and the Plus model, and the top model, the S23 Ultra, which offers features that surpass all previous Samsung phones, so that observers called it “the king of Samsung phones” and it deserves it due to the awesome features it provides.

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