How to customize Xiaomi keyboard to get cool themes and perfect design

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All Xiaomi phones featuring the latest versions of MIUI 13 have Google Keyboard pre-installed, which is a versatile tool not only at the typing level, but also in terms of aesthetics and design.

This keyboard, among many other things, allows us to customize in detail everything related to its aesthetics, starting by placing one of the dozens of themes that it offers us Google Itself in the interface to place a custom image that gives an aesthetic touch to our phone, and we will now show you how you can do it in a simple way.

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How to customize the keyboard of Xiaomi phones

You will be able to customize the keyboard of your Xiaomi phone and give a personal and unique touch to this important element of your phone, which you can copy differently.

xiaomi phone keyboard

And not only will you be able to select the image that you want to be able to modify, we have also included a variety of themes that will allow us to give our keyboard the aesthetics we want, either using default images or even adjusting its colors to fit into the interface itself automatically. .

Steps to customize the keyboard for Xiaomi phones

To be able to access this customization, you will only have to follow these steps:

xiaomi phone keyboard
xiaomi phone keyboard

Once the keyboard is displayed in any app, tap the gear icon to enter its settings.
Now, access the “Theme” section, and in the “My theme” option, click on the “+”.
Once done, simply select the image you want to configure and apply the changes once you have selected its brightness and other customizable settings.

xiaomi phones
xiaomi phones

As you can see, the way to customize the keyboard to your liking is very simple, and if you don’t want to worry about looking for an image that perfectly matches the system design, you can always select any of Google’s various images and themes which are very nice.

How to customize Xiaomi keyboard to get cool themes and perfect design

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