Android 14 – Android 14 will soon bring a great feature to Samsung phone users!

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Leaks about the new system Android 14 (Android 14) began to appear, as we got to know the features offered by the current system Android 13 and therefore we became aware of the features that were not included in the latest version of Android.

There are reports that Google and Samsung Health Connect could be integrated with Android 14. Google has confirmed that it will allow phones to connect to satellites directly with the next version of Android. Now, it looks like Google may soon let you use your Samsung or other Android phone as a webcam.

An amazing feature in Android 14

The third-party Camo app allows you to easily use your Android phone as a webcam for your PC. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the majority of individuals and businesses have worked from home. Even the students studied from home via online classes. This required them to use webcams, and there has been a sudden upsurge in the use of webcams in the past two years.

Android 14

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This could be a great opportunity for Google to provide native support for using Samsung phones or phones running Android 14 as a webcam. According to the new software changes spotted via TwitterGoogle is working on a new feature that goes with the Camo app and Apple’s “Continuity Camera” feature. Also, Google named this project DeviceAsWebcam.

Android 14 – Android 14 will soon bring a great feature to Samsung phone users!
Android 14

The feature will allow you to connect your Android 14 phone and use it as a webcam. Even better, there don’t seem to be any restrictions on how you can use your Android device as a webcam, as there are options like choosing “USB Video Class” or “UVC” as standard, which will allow users to use the feature across different devices.

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