ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R in for review

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Two months after we reviewed the nubia Red Magic 6 gaming flagship, its more common siblings, the Red Magic 6R arrives at our office. Thanks to the retail box, we know that the R stands for Racing, while the phone significantly scales back on game aesthetics and adds a few upgrades aimed at the larger masses – a better selfie camera, depth sensor for portraits and a much lighter and more compact body.

The Nubia Red Magic 6R is approx. 10% cheaper than Red Magic 6, and before we leave to find out if it’s a better deal, let’s make a quick unpack and share some early impressions.

When we took the phone out of the box, we realized that all four sides are flat with only curvature in the corners. This allows the phone to remain vertically alone, although we doubt many will ever need it.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R for review

The 1080p screen is big enough, and the nubia did not try to hide the individual hole at the top – it comes with a silver ring around it, so you always know where to look. The screen refresh rate goes up to 144Hz.

The user interface is Red Magic OS 4.0 and has a lot of game-oriented changes. Our 12GB RAM holds up well in some quick tests like a quick battle or a short run, but a full review needs to be done before we say how the Game Space Control Center works when tasked with extending the game.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R for review

nubia goes on sale globally on June 24th. Its Chinese version offered 55W charging for its 4,200 mAh battery, but the global devices only support 30W top-ups. Finding out if it makes any difference is one of the things we do when working on the review. Stick around!

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