Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in for review

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We finally have the brand new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the office, and amidst the frenzy of taking pictures and videos of it, running benchmarks, taking comparison pictures with the previous Ultra, we thought we should do an unboxing as well.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in a box with a SIM eject tool. That is it. No cables, no cases, no charger, just the phone and the tool. But at this point you probably have a few of the other necessities lying around, and Samsung is doing its part to help the environment. In its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Samsung has scaled back the use of plastic in the retail package and has even included some bits on the phone itself that have been reclaimed from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles.

Many of the Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order deals also include a free 25W charger, so you can be fine with that result.

What you get - a box - and what you don't get - a charger

What you get – a box – and what you don’t get – a charger

By now you should be familiar with Samsung’s S series and their relationship to each other. We’ve had this trio of a small S phone, a medium S phone and a very large Ultra phone for a few years now. Still enjoy these side-by-side photos we took for you!

Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Samsung Galaxy S23 series

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

And here are a few pictures with the Galaxy S22 Ultra for good measure. The predecessor is on the left. A picture does not show the differences between the S23 and the S22 Ultra The new phone has slightly wider side rails that are flatter and therefore more comfortable to hold. The display panel also curves less than the old one – it’s very subtle, but it’s noticeable when you handle the two side by side.

The three protruding lenses on the back are ever so slightly larger on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and yet the phone sits a bit lower on a table, next to its predecessor.

Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Galaxy S23 Ultra (right)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Galaxy S23 Ultra (right)

Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and Galaxy S23 Ultra (right)

We’re putting together our detailed Galaxy S23 Ultra review bit by bit. There is a lot to cover and we will take our time. Stick around!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for review

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