Samsung Galaxy S23 – Galaxy S23 The fastest and easiest way to set up series phones with all-new technology

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Many people, when buying a new phone, get upset about transferring all the data to the device, whether it is from Android to iOS or vice versa. However, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series seems to bring the easiest and fastest solution to transferring data and simply setting up new phones.

Google is simplifying the process with Fast Pair, its Bluetooth Low Energy technology typically used to connect a phone to wireless earphones when they’re near each other, all the way to the initial setup screen, now allowing new users to quickly pair Android phones to transfer files. .

“Fast Pair” data transfer is only available on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series, although the device from which the data is pulled can be from any company. It is expected that the feature will be rolled out on a large scale in the near future.

How to use Fast Pair technology to set up your Galaxy S23

Here’s the first look at how the new technology works.

1- Select “Galaxy or Android Device” from the setup screen

Fast Pair technology

After the initial Wi-Fi setup on your Galaxy S23, you will come to a slide that says “Set up with another device.” You can choose between “Galaxy or Android device” or “iPhone or iPad” depending on the device you are transferring data from. In order to set up the device, we will select “Galaxy or Android device”.

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2- Take a picture of the QR code on your new Android device

Samsung Galaxy S23 - Galaxy S23 The fastest and easiest way to set up series phones with all-new technology
Fast Pair technology

Once you’ve selected the Android option, with your old device nearby, you’ll get a prompt Fast Pair to connect to the Galaxy S23. In the future, when Fast Pair becomes more widely available, you’ll likely see a similar prompt for other Android models.

Hit the prompt and your old device will ask you to turn on location services if you haven’t already. When enabled, the Camera app should open, which you’ll use to capture the QR code now displayed on your Galaxy S23.

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3- Click on “Copy apps and data”

Samsung Galaxy S23 - Galaxy S23 The fastest and easiest way to set up series phones with all-new technology
Galaxy S23 series

Your two smartphones are now paired and the Galaxy S23 will direct you to Samsung’s Smart Switch page. From here, choose whether you want to transfer your data wirelessly or via cable. It is generally faster and more reliable to use cable for this step.

Select “Copy apps and data,” choose the files, photos, call logs, and more you’d like to transfer, and leave the rest to both phones.

It should be noted that the data speed depends on the amount of data that you transfer from your old Android device to your new phone. If it’s just apps, the process can take less than 3 minutes. Transferring approximately 50GB of data may take approximately 30 minutes.

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What do you think of this new technology? Would you like it to be available on all phones? Share with us in the comments.

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