The most important 4 tips that must be done on all Xiaomi phones for this reason

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Buying a new phone is indeed a tough decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider. And when we choose the phone that suits you, whether it’s flagship, mid-range or budget, the task is to keep it looking like new.

Here, we will highlight the most important points that help you maintain your Xiaomi phone so that it always looks like new.

How to maintain the Xiaomi phone?

1: Protect it from the outside

The Redmi Note 11 Pro + came with a cover inside its box, but it is possible that some high-end carriers do not come with a cover or need additional protection. In any case, the first thing you should do to preserve your phone on the first day is to protect it by installing what is known as a “mobile case”.

You can also buy a screen protector, especially if it is made of tempered glass, as you will avoid damage to the screen and increase its value in the future if you want to sell it. Also, protect your cameras with small stickers, because if they have any scratches, you’ll see it in every photo you take.

2: Keep MIUI always updated

Xiaomi phones update

Safety on the outside is all well and good, but on the inside it is just as important. MIUI 13 With a high probability, it comes pre-installed from the factory with Android on your Xiaomi phone. It is very important that you keep MIUI updated, as it will include monthly security updates from Google.

But not only that, but also its design. With the arrival of MIUI 14, which is already rolling out to Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones, we also have a completely renewed design and greater performance, which will keep your device on par with the latest devices that will be released later, which will equip the same version.

3: Delete files from time to time

The most important 4 tips that must be done on all Xiaomi phones for this reason
Clean files from Xiaomi phones

And although the storage capacity of phones is increasing over time, and we can currently find very cheap external storage tools with numbers starting from 64 GB, to keep the phone fresh, it is important to look at the disk space once a month, for example.

Delete files you no longer need, videos that play a lot, and old photos. You can also pass all this data to your computer via USB or upload it to the Xiaomi cloud.

And WhatsApp is one of the worst enemies of storage, so try to conserve the space it takes up on your phone if you want it to continue to perform like day one.

Factory apps consume resources

When you turn on your Xiaomi phone for the first time, you may find a lot of apps that you don’t know what they are, nor how much space they take up. These apps are known as “bloatware” and if you are not going to use any of them, it is best to uninstall them.

Regarding our previous point, these applications take up storage space, but in addition, they are likely to remain in the background, either because you have opened them or because their own updates are automatically searched for, which reduces the performance of our mobile phone, which will be more affected by the passage of time.

If all this fails, this is the foolproof method

If you are part of that group of users for whom the above set of tips failed, you will be glad to know that there is a way


If we want to completely erase all the data and completely reboot our Shami phone, so that it returns to its original state, we must perform a Factory Reset. Before doing this, we also highly recommend that all your data be safe, as well as a full backup of both your Xiaomi phone and WhatsApp, as a factory reset will leave nothing in its wake.

In your opinion, what are the things that should be done to keep your phone always looking like new?

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