Apple M2 processor will be 45% more powerful than the previous generation

Tamsin Rodriguez18 June 2022Last Update : 2 weeks ago
Apple M2 processor will be 45% more powerful than the previous generation

The first studies revealed that the new Apple M2 processor – Apple M2 will provide 45% stronger performance than the previous generation Apple M1.

Apple M2 processor specifications

At the WWDC 2022 conference that was held recently in the United States of America, Apple unveiled the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which will come with the new Apple M2 processor, and before the launch of these devices on the market officially, the performance of the new processor from Apple was revealed, which provides impressive results. compared to the previous generation.

The new processor from Apple has passed many tests, and while Apple said that its graphics performance will be 35% better than the Apple M1, but the processor exceeded expectations.

According to some Reports The new Apple M2 processor will provide better graphics performance, 40 to 45% better than the first generation.

On the Geekbench platform, the new CPU in the Apple M2 chip was about 20% faster than the first generation Apple M1 while Apple announced that it would be only 18% faster.

The tests showed that the speed of the Apple M2 is 3.49 GHz compared to 3.2 GHz for the M1, an increase of 9%, and the tests also confirmed that the 13-inch MacBook Pro scored 1919 points in the single-core test and 8928 in the multi-core.

Apple is preparing to ship its new devices to the market during the coming period, share your opinion about the strength of Apple devices and do you own any device from Apple?

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