Samsung Galaxy Buds2 update improves charging

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 are on their way to another update, which has so far rolled out in the company’s home market of Korea. The new build is marked R177XXU0AWA3 and should be making its way to other locations soon. It’s a 3.06MB download which, as usual with updates to Samsung’s TWS earphones, you get through the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

The update improves the charging stability of the earphones and may also fix some unnamed bugs that they all generally tend to do.

The Galaxy Buds2 have been out for quite some time at this point, and Samsung’s event at the beginning of this month didn’t bring us a successor. On the one hand, it’s quite strange to see. On the other hand, we appreciate the Korean company does not is doing its best to flood this product category with a myriad of products.

However, there will inevitably be a sequel at some point, and we’re betting on August-ish when the new foldable machines will be launched.


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