Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra undergoes durability test and teardown

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If you’ve been wondering how the all-new Galaxy S23 Ultra fares in terms of durability and whether it’s easier to repair than its predecessors, PBK reviews have you covered. The latest durability and teardown videos show how durable the new phone is and what it looks like inside.

Starting with the durability test, the phone retains its full functionality after a three-minute water immersion showing its full IP68 glory. The Gorilla Glass Victus 2 screen survives coin scratches just fine. Going to the screen with some Mohs mineral picks shows scratches at level 8 and deeper grooves at level 9 – a minor improvement over the first generation Victus glass.

The back and cameras of the S23 Ultra exhibit identical levels of scratch resistance. The drop test gives us a cracked screen after a waist-height tumble directly onto concrete. The back also cracks after a separate waist height drop. Despite the cosmetic damage, the screen and the rest of the phone’s components remain fully functional.

Moving on to the breakdown, we can see that Samsung has made battery replacements quite a bit easier thanks to the included pull tabs. All flex cables and connectors are neatly labeled, which also makes the repair process much easier.

We also get a clear look at the new larger vapor chamber at the 5:20 and 6:40 marks and a quick size comparison with the S22 Ultra’s vapor chamber. The Galaxy S23 Ultra earns a 9/10 repairability score.

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