Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets subjected to another durability test

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A few hours ago we brought you a video ‘durability test’ of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and here we are back again with another video… another ‘durability test’ video, that is. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone insane – it’s not the same video. This one is from the veteran of smartphone durability testing, Zack from JerryRigAlt.

He’s the one who practically invented this format, so here’s his take on Samsung’s latest and greatest and how well it can withstand various stresses.

If for some reason you couldn’t watch the video, we’ll try to summarize the main points of the video for you here – obvious spoiler alert ahead! Everything starts with the glass scratch test as usual and it is level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale where you start to see marks, while at level 7 there are deeper grooves.

The sides are metal, as you would expect, as are the buttons. The screen takes open fire for about a minute, and in the bend test there are absolutely no problems, regardless of which side you try to bend it from.

If you’re interested in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, hang in there as our review is currently in the oven and will be ready soon!

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