Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: inserting the S Pen backwards won’t do any damage

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A phone with a stylus is pretty unique in this day and age and comes with a few unique challenges. One of them is how it handles someone accidentally (or not) trying to insert the pen backwards. While it used to be an issue many moons ago, it hasn’t been an issue since the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 for various reasons.

And we’re happy to report that nothing has changed this year. You can still try to insert the S Pen backwards into the brand new Galaxy S23 Ultra and it will only go in a little bit before it stops. Doing this results in zero damage to the pen and zero damage to the smartphone itself. The way everything is designed also makes it very easy to find out right away that you’re trying to insert the S Pen the wrong way around.

Perhaps more disappointingly, another thing that hasn’t changed for the new S23 Ultra is the S Pen capabilities. This device has exactly the same as its predecessor.

The last time inserting a stylus backwards was a real problem was in 2015, when the Galaxy Note5 launched with a design flaw that actually allowed the S Pen to be inserted backwards. A small hook added insult to injury and then prevented the pen from ever coming out again. However, that is old history now.

Our full, in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is almost ready to be published, so stay tuned. While you wait, don’t miss our battery life and charging test results!


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