CR: iPhone 14 Pro Max BoM is $464, nearly 4% more than 13 Pro Max

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The latest report from Counterpoint research estimates the mixed bill of materials (BoM) of the baseline 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max at $464 on average. The figure is only 3.7% more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max section with the new Apple-designed chipset, AOD screen and 48MP main camera marked as the main costs.

The mmWave model intended for the US market is estimated to cost $474, while the sub-6Ghz version sold in other markets is estimated to cost $454. For reference, the US MSRP for the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max is $1,099.

iPhone 14 Pro Max BoM share compared to 13 Pro Max

The detailed component cost breakdown estimates that Apple is spending $11 more on the Apple A16 Bionic chipset compared to its predecessor, which drives component costs to 20% of the full BoM price. The new screen with AOD capabilities on the 14 Pro Max has accounted for a 1% increase in BoM compared to the 13 Pro Max. Elsewhere, the 48MP main camera and accompanying modules have driven up the price of the new phone by an estimated $6.30.

CR: iPhone 14 Pro Max BoM is $464, almost 4% more than 13 Pro Max

Cellular connectivity component prices on the new iPhone 14 Pro Max are about 13% cheaper compared to the 13 Pro Max. Apple’s self-designed components inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which include touch controls, connectivity, audio and power management circuitry, have a larger share in the phone’s BoM cost. Counterpoint Research estimates that the self-designed components now account for about 22% of the phone’s BoM.


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