Samsung patents smartwatch with built-in projector

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Samsung was one of the first brands to release a smartphone with a built-in projector over a decade ago, and a new patent filing suggests the brand is looking to extend that functionality to its warbles. A Samsung Galaxy watch with a built-in projector has appeared in a patent application that shows a concept device that can transmit information from the outside of its housing to the back of the user’s hand.

Based on the patent description, the projector bit incorporates several lenses and LED emitters arranged in an arc shape. It will be able to mirror the main screen and project images and videos onto the back of your hand. The patent describes that the small projector would be able to “display information different from the information displayed on the display module”.

LED and lens emitters as described in the patent
LED and lens emitters as described in the patent

The projector bit will be part of the watch case

Some of the use cases described include the projection of broadcasts and multimedia content. Samsung also describes that the LEDs inside the projector would be able to adjust their luminance and focal length on the fly to ensure optimal viewing. We can only hope to see more info and a working prototype of this patent application, but as with all patents, there is no guarantee that Samsung will actively pursue this endeavor.

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